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Hi there! Welcome to visit Jingjie's non-secret base on the Internet. I am an incoming Lecturer/Asst. Prof. to the School of Informatics at University of Edinburgh. Now I am a MAD scientist (✗) PhD Candidate (✓) at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am happy to chat and feel free to call me by JJ or 竞捷 :)

I like building things that make our lives more enjoyable and understanding human-being better. One major theme of my research is user-centric privacy, for which I design practical privacy-enhancing tools for digital technologies, particularly AR/VR and smart home. 


🇬🇧 Lecturer/Asst. Prof., University of Edinburgh (incoming)

🇺🇸 Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2017-2023)

🇺🇸 Research Intern, Visa Research (2022)

🇩🇪 Visiting Scholar, Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy (2021)

🇦🇺 Research Intern, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (2016-2017)



​🇺🇸 PhD in Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2017-2023)

🇦🇺 BEng(R&D)(First-Class Honours), Australian National University (2015-2017)

🇨🇳 BSc, Beijing Institute of Technology (2013-2015)

“It’s up to the Consumer to be Smart”: Understanding the Security and Privacy Attitudes of Smart Home Users on Reddit

Jingjie Li, Kaiwen Sun, Brittany Huff, Anna Bierley, Younghyun Kim, Florian Schaub, Kassem Fawaz (IEEE S&P'23)

We reveal how smart home users on Reddit develop S&P considerations, how their attitudes evolve given the changing context, and how online discourse influences them.


Kalεido: Real-Time Privacy Control for Eye-Tracking Systems

Jingjie Li, Amrita Roy Chowdhury, Kassem Fawaz, Younghyun Kim (USENIX Sec'21)

Kalεido provides privacy for streaming eye gaze data in real-time by local differential privacy. It offers a user-facing control knob to balance between privacy and utility easily. We implement Kalεido in Unity, which acts as an tunable intermediary privacy layer for various eye-tracking systems including mixed reality.


Velody: Nonlinear Vibration Challenge-Response for Resilient User Authentication

Jingjie Li, Kassem Fawaz, Younghyun Kim (ACM CCS'19)

Velody is a biometric user authentication that leverages nonlinear vibration challenge-response. By updating the unique and unlinkable nonlinear challenge-responses used in authentication, Velody thawrts the threats from reusing/modelling static biometrics.

Highlighted Projects

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