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Jingjie Li

Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

School of Informatics

University of Edinburgh

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Hi there :) This is Jingjie (JJ). I am a Lecturer/Asst. Prof. in the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh and a member of the Institute of Computing Systems Architecture.

​My research spans privacy, security, and human-centered systems broadly. I enjoy developing things that make our lives more enjoyable and understanding people better. One major research theme is designing solutions that seamlessly integrate privacy and security in our interactions with emerging digital technologies, including AR/VR and smart home devices.

Before joining Edinburgh, I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, advised by Younghyun Kim and Kassem Fawaz. Besides, I have held multiple research positions in and collaborated with research institutions in USA, Australia, and Germany.

I am looking for prospective Ph.D. students to join my team in 2024. I also welcome students (undergrad/MSc/MPhil) at Edinburgh who are looking for research opportunities. Please feel free to contact me by email. (I will carefully read your emails, but I may not be able to reply to everyone due to the volume of emails recevied.)


  • Lecturer (Assistant Professor), University of Edinburgh (2023 - Present)

  • Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2017 - 2023)

  • Research Intern, Visa Research (2022)

  • Visiting Scholar, Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy (2021)

  • Research Intern, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (2016 - 2017)


  • Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2017 - 2023)

  • B.Eng (R&D) with First-Class Honours, Australian National University (2015 - 2017)

  • B.Sc., Beijing Institute of Technology (2013-2015)

Research Themes

Foundations for human-centered systems

Privacy and security-enhancing tools

Human factors of privacy and security

Making privacy and security tools usable for people's interactions with emerging digital technologies and ecosystems, e.g., AR/VR, AI, & IoT.

Understanding how people perceive and respond to privacy and security issues and supporting at-risk populations via multiple channels, e.g., online media

Buidling more efficient, transparent, and resilient hardwre/software systems that serve human-centered applications, e.g., brain-computer interfaces

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News and Updates

09/2023 - Jingjie moved to UK and started his new position in Edinburgh :)
08/2023 - Jingjie graduated his Ph.D. from UW-Madison after six wonderful years!
06/2023 - Jingjie gave a talk at Early Warning, LLC
02-04/2023 - Jingjie gave talks on "Empowering Privacy-Preserving Interactions for Smart Device Users", invited by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Edinburgh, University of Amsterdam, University of Central Florida, University of Notre Dame, and Pennsylvania State University
01/2023 - Jingjie is serving on the program committee for ACM CCS 2023 and IEEE/ACM SafeThings 2023.

11/2022 - Jingjie gave a talk on "Real-Time Privacy Control for Eye-Tracking Systems" and served as a panelist for PrivacyCon'22 by the US Federal Trade Commission 09/2022 - Jingjie gave a talk at Meta 08/2022 - Jingjie finished his internship at Visa Research. Missing the Californian vibe! 08/2022 - Jingjie presented a poster on "Real-Time Privacy Control for Eye-Tracking Systems" at USENIX Security 2022. 06/2022 - Our work "“It’s up to the Consumer to be Smart”: Understanding the Security and Privacy Attitudes of Smart Home Users on Reddit" has been accepted by IEEE S&P (Oakland) 2023. Congratulations!

Selected Honours

  • CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems) Rising Star, CPS-VO@National Science Foundation, 2022

  • Norton Labs Graduate Fellowship Finalist, 2022

  • Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Finalist, 2019 & 2021

  • UW–Madison Chancellor’s Opportunity Fellowship (COF), 2019-2020

  • Foxconn “Smart Cities-Smart Futures” Competition Final Winner (Team Leader), 2019

  • ACM CHI Best Paper Award, 2019

  • ISLPED Low-Power Design Contest Award, 2018

  • A. Richard Newton Young Student Fellowship, 2018

  • ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science Undergraduate International Partnership Scholarship, 2015 & 2016


  • Unfulfilled Promises of Child Safety and Privacy: Portrayals and Use of Children in Smart Home Marketing

    • Kaiwen Sun, Jingjie Li, Yixin Zou, Jenny Radesky, Chris Brooks​, Florian Schaub 

    • ACM Conference On Computer-Supported Cooperative Work And Social Computing (CSCW), 2024

  • It’s up to the Consumer to be Smart”: Understanding the Security and Privacy Attitudes of Smart Home Users on Reddit

    • Jingjie Li, Kaiwen Sun, Brittany Huff, Anna Bierley, Younghyun Kim, Florian Schaub, Kassem Fawaz​

    • IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P), 2023

  • The Portrayal of Children in Smart Home Marketing

    • Kaiwen Sun, Jingjie Li, Yixin Zou, Florian Schaub, Chris Brooks​

    • Workshop on Kids' Online Privacy and Safety (KOPS)@Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security, 2022

  • uBrain: A Unary Brain Computer Interface

    • Di Wu, Jingjie Li, Zhewen Pan, Younghyun Kim, Joshua San Miguel​

    • International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), 2022

  • UNO: Virtualizing and Unifying Nonlinear Operations for Emerging Neural Networks​

    • Di Wu, Jingjie Li, Setareh Behroozi, Younghyun Kim, Joshua San Miguel​

    • International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design (ISLPED), 2021​​

  • uGEMM: Unary Computing for GEMM Applications

    • Di Wu, Jingjie Li, Ruokai Yin, Hsuan Hsiao, Younghyun Kim, Joshua San Miguel​

    • IEEE Micro (Special Issue on IEEE Micro Top Picks), 2021

  • Kalεido: Real-Time Privacy Control for Eye-Tracking Systems

    • Jingjie Li, Amrita Roy Chowdhury, Kassem Fawaz, Younghyun Kim​

    • USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Sec), 2021 (Accepted, summer acceptance rate: 12%)

  • Using Implantable Biosensors and Wearable Scanners to Monitor Dairy Cattle’s Core Body Temperature in Real-Time

    • Hanwook Chung, Jingjie Li, Younghyun Kim, Jennifer Van Os, Sabrina Brounts, Christopher Choi​

    • Elsevier Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2020

  • Detecting Personality Traits Using Inter-Hemispheric Asynchrony of the Brainwaves

    • Roneel V. Sharan, Shlomo Berkovsky, Ronnie Taib, Irena Koprinska, Jingjie Li​

    • International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2020

  • uGEMM: Unary Computing Architecture for GEMM Applications

    • Di Wu, Jingjie Li, Ruokai Yin, Hsuan Hsiao, Younghyun Kim, Joshua San Miguel​

    • International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), 2020 (Acceptance rate: 18.3%)

  • Personality Sensing: Detection of Personality Traits Using Physiological Responses to Image and Video Stimuli​

    • Ronnie Taib, Shlomo Berkovsky, Irena Koprinska, Eileen Wang, Yucheng Zeng, Jingjie Li​

    • ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS), 2020

  • Approximate Hardware Techniques for Energy-Quality Scaling Across the System​

    • Younghyun Kim, Joshua San Miguel, Setareh Behroozi, Tianen Chen, Kyuin Lee, Yongwoo Lee, Jingjie Li, Di Wu​

    • International Conference on Electronics, Information, and Communication (ICEIC), 2020

  • MicPrint: Acoustic Sensor Fingerprinting for Spoof-Resistant Mobile Device Authentication​

    • Yongwoo Lee, Jingjie Li, Younghyun Kim​

    • EAI International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services (MobiQuitous), 2019

  • Velody: Nonlinear Vibration Challenge-Response for Resilient User Authentication​

    • Jingjie Li, Kassem Fawaz, Younghyun Kim​

    • ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS), 2019 (Acceptance rate: 16%)

  • SAADI-EC: A Quality-Configurable Approximate Divider for Energy Efficiency​

    • Jackson Melchert, Setareh Behroozi, Jingjie Li, Younghyun Kim​

    • IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems (TVLSI), 2019

  • Detecting Personality Traits Using Eye-Tracking Data​

    • Shlomo Berkovsky, Ronnie Taib, Irena Koprinska, Eileen Wang, Yucheng Zeng, Jingjie Li, Sabina Kleitman​

    • ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2019 (Best Paper Award, top 1%)

  • SAADI: A Scalable Accuracy Approximate Divider for Dynamic Energy-Quality Scaling​

    • Setareh Behroozi, Jingjie Li, Jackson Melchert, Younghyun Kim​

    • ASP-DAC (Asia South Pacific Design Automation Conference), 2019

  • Continuous and Wireless Skin Contact and Ear Implant Temperature Measurements and Relations to the Core Body Temperature of Heat Stressed Dairy Cows​

    • Hanwook Chung, Jingjie Li, Younghyun Kim, Christopher Y. Choi​

    • ASABE ILES (International Livestock Environment Symposium), 2018


  • Instructor, INFR11158/11230, Usable Security and Privacy (Spring 2024), University of Edinburgh

  • Guest lecturer, ECE 751 Embedded Computing Systems (Fall 2022), UW-Madison

  • Guest lecturer, CS 642 Introduction to Computer Security (Fall 2022), UW-Madison

  • Research mentor, NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program (Spring 2021 to Fall 2022), UW-Madison

  • Research mentor, ECE 399 Independent Study (Fall 2021 to Spring 2022), UW-Madison

  • Research mentor, Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (Fall 2020 to Spring 2021), UW-Madison

  • Teaching assistant, CS 354 Machine Organization and Programming (Spring 2019), UW-Madison

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